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Pressure & Soft Washing

It is imperative to maintain a clean property for the aesthetic value and much-desired curb appeal, along with providing lasting protection against building material degradation. When mold, mildew, algae and other airborne contaminants are allowed to remain on the exterior surfaces of a property, they will contribute to premature paint failure and can also cause permanent staining on your siding material, concrete & gutters.

Here are some of the  surfaces commonly cleaned by pressure washing or soft washing.

  • Home Exterior

  • Driveways

  • Decks

  • Walkways

  • Play Sets

  • Concrete

  • Stucco

  • Patio Furniture

  • Pool areas

  • Retaining Walls

  • And More!

stucco house before

Stucco House...Before

Stucco House...After

            Yes, we do use a solution!

You wouldn't wash your clothes without detergent so why would you wash your house without detergent? When other companies simply use pressure to clean surfaces we use our secret recipe solution to restore surfaces! 
Power Washing or Pressure Washing: 
The use of a high pressure mechanical sprayer (typically 2,000 psi or higher) to remove or clean mold, grime, residues, mud, and dirt from surfaces and objects such as buildings, decks and concrete surfaces. This method is not recommended for every cleaning application and can cause damage if not preformed properly.
Roof Cleaning

Soft Washing: 


The use of special equipment with professional low pressure nozzles, in conjunction with biodegradable detergents that remove and kill biological elements such as green algae, black mold, moss, and dirty residues. This technique is preformed by using a low pressure soaping method, followed by a low pressure rinse. This is our preferred method for exterior house and siding cleaning.

Pressure washing and soft washing can help revitalize the look of many different surfaces on and around your home or business. From siding and walkways, stone and concrete patios and decks, AllBright Home Services has a professional team that is highly experienced. We use the proper techniques and professional equipment for all of your pressure washing and soft washing needs. We would be happy to answer any questions that you might have. 

 A well cared for property has much better curb appeal, feels better to live in, and will command a higher price upon resale. Allow AllBright Home Services to help you bring out the full potential of your property.




Brick Cleaning
Brick Cleaning


Listing Your Home For Sale?

Pressure washing areas of your home, prior to putting it on the market, can increase the value, help it to sell much quicker, and closer to list price.


In today’s market, you want your home to stand out from the others. By pressure washing the areas in need, the look and feel of the home will be revitalized. The cost for this service will be highly outweighed by the return on your investment and is highly recommended by most realtors.

The use of a pressure washer by someone that is unfamiliar with the machine or doing this type of work “on the side” can be dangerous and easily cause accidental damage. You can feel confident that our trained team will treat your home with care and respect. You can also rest easy knowing that AllBright Home Services is bonded and has a comprehensive liability and workers compensation insurance policy in place.

Our team wants to be your partner in the maintenance and care of your home. Our #1 goal is your 100% satisfaction and our work is guaranteed!

Before AllBright...
After AllBright!!