How often and when should I get my windows cleaned?

Here's some advice on the frequency and timing of window cleaning here in Minnesota.

August 13, 2021

Ok, so here in Minnesota we have a whole different situation than other parts of the country when we are making the transition from Winter to Spring. In some states it is pretty cut and dry when the seasons separate. Here, we can get twelve inches of snow in the middle of April!

Most clients have AllBright come clean their windows when they think Spring has arrived. However, this may not be the best time. Everyone tends to wait until April or May which is the busiest time of the year and then they have a hard time getting on the schedule. My recommendation would be to avoid the rush and get on the schedule in March. You may say, " the snow may not be finished falling yet." Most of the snow is usually finished (with some exceptions) by March and any rain that may come in April will take care of any residue from snow that may have come after. Rain doesn't really have much effect on your windows. Most of the time it is road film (debris kicked up by passing cars. Salt, dirt, etc.) dust, pet dander and pollen that have the effect.  

We do recommend that Minnesotans have their windows cleaned at least twice a year. If you live on a lake, which many of us do, or if you just have a great view it is necessary to keep that view sparkling!

So, when is the next best time for you to have your windows cleaned? Most people have their second cleaning in the Fall but might I suggest, in preparation for the Holidays, late October and November. November?!? Yes, we do window cleaning year round and this is a great time to have your second window cleaning. Just before family arrives for the Holiday season! Your windows will also look clean all Winter long. When other companies stop their service for the Winter we simply change our solution to accommodate for the colder weather. This is also the time you may need your gutters cleaned (given the temperature is above freezing) as well and then you can receive your multi service discount! Please call for details.

Keep in mind if you need a touch up in between cleanings you can always have us clean only the exterior of your windows in the Summer. This service is generally 40% less in price than your interior and exterior cleaning ($100 minimum cleans not included) and in most cases you don't even have to be home for it! If you would like to preschedule for these services please call 952-888-3000 for your package deal.


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