Ice Dam Removal by Steaming

Ice dams on your roof and gutters can cause costly damage to your home. Our team of experts is ready and able to assist you with removal of ice dams by steaming, and prevention of future ice dams by installing one our our highly effective automatic roof deicing systems.

Our Approach

Why choose Steaming?

Steaming is the safest, fastest, and surest way to clear an ice dam from your roof. By melting through the ice, we avoid potential problems typically related to ice removal. The most common of those problems being damage to your roof from excessive pounding with hammers, chisels and other chipping tools.

What causes an ice dam and what can I do?

There are many causes for ice damming - temperature fluctuation, lack of insulation, poor ventilation, roof design, air leaking from your house into attic spaces and solar radiation. The surest, and in many cases, the only way to prevent an ice dam is with the installation of a heat cable system.

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